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Introducing the latest development in automotive LED lighting, Perception Lighting’s range of high powered LED driving lights. Whether you're a serious 4WD off-roader, long haul truckie, or just want to be king of the "spotlight game",  LED driving lights are ultimate choice for lighting up the road. With some models generating over 10,000 lumens of intense white light, you will be illuminating well over 1km of the road ahead with a pair fitted to your rig. 

The main body is constructed with die cast aluminium alloy to act as a heat sink for the LEDs, with anodized polyester black powder coat for a tough and durable finish. For final protection the front lens cover is made of unbreakable polycarbonate to defend against rocks, tree branchs or roos. Of course, being LED you get all the other benefits such as complete shock and vibration resistance (a must on bumpy outback roads), 50,000 hour life expectancy and instant ON/OFF operation. And of course, the all units are completely dust and waterproof