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Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Boosters at Perception Lighting

Cel-Fi is an amazing piece of new technology that allows you to expand your cellular signal range. It's absolutely vital for Australian adventurers, as phone signal can be a significant problem in our most popular trails and camping zones. Stream your favourite shows in HD, keep in contact with your family, upload pictures and videos with ease, all without ever worrying about your phone signal again!

Quality of Life Upgrades

At Perception Lighting, we seek to supply Australians with the best quality of life upgrades for their outdoor adventures, and our Cel-Fi range fits that niche perfectly.

Cel-Fi Caravan/RV Kits

With our Cel-Fi Caravan/RV Kits, you can easily setup your celfi system in your camper or RV and increase your mobile data signal with ease!

This item is currently on back order and may require additional processing time.

This item is a non-stocked item and may require additional processing time. Please click here for more information.