Whitevision’s TrailerKIT™ series has been specifically designed to provide an easy and quick method of wiring trailers.  It features a quick fitting plug-and-go wiring system that eliminates the need for joining wiring, soldering or using scotch locks saving time and consumables.  The lights and the wiring are all connected in just seconds using specially developed one way connectors so each connection is perfect every time.


Each TrailerKIT™ includes:
•    2 x LED lamps 
•    All plug and go wiring required
•    Trailer connectors not included


Applications • Trailers • Boat Trailers • Caravans •  Light Trucks
Functions Stop / Tail / Indicator / Reflector
Voltage 10-30V DC Varivolt® or 12V Only Option
Wattage Rear Direction:1.5W@12V
Rear Position: 0.25W@12V
Stop Lamp:1.5W@12V
Mounting Stud Mount
Materials Polycarbonate Lens ABD Body
Environmental IP67 Hermetically Sealed
Cable Length Per Kit Size
Dimensions Lamp 150x80x30mm
ADR Compliance          Stop & Rear Position:49/00, Rear Direction Indicator:6/00:Cat2a, Rear Retro Reflector:47/00
Homologation Certification ECE (Emark)








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