To be used when fitting a new towbar or replacing/upgrading an existing loom.

This is a direct plug-in kit that is vehicle-specific. It will only suit the model(s) shown above.

Some hard-wiring will be required for installation (trailer plug)

This harness does not connect to or interact with any reversing systems (if fitted).

This harness is manufactured by Perception Lighting.

OE / Aftermarket Equivalent to: 750007EJ / UNT334


Fitting Instructions:

1. Locate the 8-way tail light connector on the rear passenger side chassis.

2. Disconnect this 8 way connector.

3. On the Wiring Harness connect the corresponding 8 way connectors.

4. Earth the white earth terminal directly to the body of the car. (please note on some models it is hard to find a suitable body or chassis earth, it may be required to earth direct to battery).

5. Route five core cable to trailer socket mounting position. Make sure cable is securely attached using zip ties or similar (not supplied) and maintains a safe distance from heat or sharp edges.









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