• Cel-Fi GO for Optus
  • Wall Mount 698-4000MHz 5/7dBi Panel Antenna 
  • Omni High Gain 698-2700 6dBi
  • 10m LMR240 Cable
  • 6m LMR240 Cable
  • 240v Power Supply
  • 12v Cigarette Lighter Power Supply






Cel-fi Go has been tested, authorized and approved by Optus for use on the Optus Mobile Network.



Cel-Fi Go is the ONLY carrier approved repeater in Australia. Done get caught out with an illegal model from questionable websites or online auction sites.  Persons found to be using unapproved devices can be fined up to $1.05 Million or up to 5 years in prison if prosecuted by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (AMCA).







  • Optus

  • TPG

  • Amaysim

  • Dodo

  • iiNet









Cel-Fi is is a repeater system. It works by having two antennas, one externally mounted to a building or vehicle that communicates to the operator's network and one internal antenna with the building or vehicle that communicates with your mobile devices.


Cel-Fi works seamlessly with your existing 3G / 4G devices (Phone, Modem / Wifi Hotspot, iPad with Simcard, etc) by boosting the signal to the operator's network by up to 100dB. There is no need to connect to Cel-Fi in order for it to work. It can support up to 20 devices at once so everyone can remain connected.









  • Designed for Building  & Home applications

  • 100dB of system gain (latest software update required using WAVE App)

  • Includes external and internal antennas

  • Locked to Optus' Mobile Network

  • Carrier approved

  • Band Selection Button

  • Bluetooth WAVE App for iPhone, Android & Computers




Internal or ‘donor’ antennas go inside the building and distribute the signal amplified by the Cel-Fi GO repeater. 


Wall Mount Panel Antenna 698-4000MHz (5-7dBi)

This antenna is directional – meaning its signal is dispersed primarily within a 90° beam-width in the direction the panel faces. It is easy to install and non-obtrusive. Offering a 7dB gain this antenna is suitable as an indoor antenna or panel antenna.


Ceiling Dome Antenna 698-4000 (2-5dBi)
This is the ideal indoor antenna for Cel-Fi repeater systems. Indoor dome antennas are designed to be mounted to the ceiling of your building to provide consistently distributed mobile phone service from your Cel-Fi repeater/booster. This ceiling dome antenna pushes signal out in a 360° beam-width making it ideal for offices and home environments where ceiling mounting is desirable.


Slim Series Ceiling Antenna 698-4000MHz (3-5dBi)

Indoor dome antennas are designed to be mounted to the ceiling of your building to provide consistently distributed mobile phone service from your Cel-Fi repeater/booster. The thin white design allows the product to be nearly invisible when mounted, yet provides industry-leading increases for in-building coverage and capacity.





External antennas go on the outside of the building and grab the source signal. You can either have an LPDA or Yagi (directional), which needs to be aligned/pointed to the signal source and a clear line of sight must be established. Or, you can have Omni, which pulls signal from 360°, this is for use when there is no clear line of sight to the signal source
An Omni-directional antenna does not need to point towards the direction of where the signal is coming from and will receive a signal from 360 degrees. It can be roof, gutter, or wall-mounted. Not recommended in low signal areas unless line of sight cannot be determined.
This is the general ‘go-to’ antenna – wideband (covering 3G, 4G, 4GX & 5G), providing good gain with a forgiving beamwidth (32-55°) the Blackhawk LPDA suits most rural, regional, and urban situations. It does need to be aligned with a source signal, however, does not require the same precision as the Yagi. Choose if you want powerful gain for any of the major networks in Australia.
This ultra-light LPDA antenna needs to be pointed towards the direction of where the signal is coming from and pole mounted. Similar to the previous LPDA model however with less gain (less range) and a more ascetic appearance. Perfect for urban or suburban environments.
One of the highest gain antennas on the market. Able to ‘grab’ signal from long distances but also requires precision alignment due to its narrow beamwidth (5-10°). It should also be noted that this antenna is not wideband meaning that it is able to receive 3G & 4GX frequencies but not standard 4G frequencies (1800 – 2100MHz).









Cel-Fi GO will boost a single band at a time (either 3G 850 or 4G 700 or 4G 1800). It is highly recommended to leave the GO in 3G mode to ensure voice calls are received. Voice calls on 4G (VoLTE) will only work in selected areas and with later model phones.

Cel-Fi is NOT a Satphone or Satellite Phone, it will extend the operator's coverage map and eliminate blackspots but will not provide coverage at remote areas significantly outside the operator's coverage. 

See Optus' coverage map here 


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