When it comes to long-range Telstra or Optus 4G internet, you’ll need a high powered 700MHz antenna. Grid antennas provide high performance while remaining lightweight and incredibly easy to install. The Xtreme 700MHz grid antenna provides 15 dBi gain and comes with a large reflector that cuts out noise from nearby transmitters keeping your signal crystal clear.


  • 15 dBi gain on 700MHz 4G LTE
  • Suitable for Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G+
  • Die-cast aluminium construction with powder coat finish
  • Pole mounting clamp included
  • Short tail with pre-fitted N Female connector.


So why the big fuss over 4GX? The answer is speed and range – the low 700 MHz frequency travels incredibly far, through trees, and deep inside buildings, meaning high speed internet service (often faster than the NBN) is now available practically anywhere your phone can pick up signal.

Also available in MIMO packs with two antennas for twice the speed.

  Frequency Range  698-798MHz
  F/B Ratio >26dB
  Gain  15dBi
  V.S.W.R  ≤1.5
  Radiation  Direction
  Horizontal Beam width 17°
  Vertical Beam width  13°
  Polarization  Vertical or Horizontal
  Lightning Protection DC Grounded
  Maximum Input Power  200W
  Impedance 50Ώ
  Connector  N Female
  Cable Type RG58U
  Cable Length 30cm
  Antenna Radome Material Aluminum Alloy
  Mount way  Pole
  Diameter of Installation Pole Ø30~Ø50mm 
  Dimensions 600x900mm
  Weight 3.5KG
  Operating Temperature -40 to+85
  Rated Wind Velocity  60m/s
  RoHS Compliant YES








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