Azdome Dash Cam Hard Wire Kit

AZDome Hardwire kit Micro USB 3-wire to use the AZDome M10 dashcam in the parking mode. This Hardwire kit is specially designed to power the AZDome M10 Pro dashcam while your car is parked and the ignition is turned off. The hardwire kit comes with two Mini fuse adapters to make installation easy.

3-wire connection
This Hardwire Kit is a 3-wire kit meaning it should be connected to 3 places in the fuse box. The yellow cable is connected to a continuous fuse (one that always supplies power, even when the ignition is off), the red cable is connected to a switched fuse (one that only supplies power when the ignition is on) and the black cable is connected to the ground of the car. In this case, the hardwire kit will send a signal to the dashcam when the car is turned on and off (trough the red cable) which will in automatically turn the parking mode on and off.

Battery protection
The hardwire kit has a built-in low voltage cut off protection making sure the dashcam doesn't drain your car's batty. It will cut the power when the voltage goes below 11.6V/23.2V. The hardwire kit is suitable for both 12V and 24V vehicles.


  • Length: 3.0m (Plug -> 2.5m -> Converter > 0.5m -> Fuse/Battery).

  • Plug: Micro USB

  • Input: 12V/24V

  • Output: 4.7V 2.0A

  • Cut-off voltage: 11.6V

  • Type: 3-wire

  • Includes two Mini fuse holders

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