This kit includes:

1 x SRX Series 20.5" LED Single Row Osram Lightbar or 1 x SRX Series 30.5" LED Single Row Osram Lightbar

1 x Volkswagen Amarok Lower Grill Light Bar Mounting Bracket (20" or 30")

1 x Volkswagen Amarok Plug & Play Driving Light / Lightbar Wiring Harness

  • Plug and Play Wiring Harness
  • High Beam Piggy Back Adapter
  • OE Type Push Switch






The SRX-30 features 30 of OSRAM’s® finest DURIS® LEDs, selected for its high output and matched optical geometry

The combination spot and flood reflector forms an astonishing beam that throwing beam wideout at 50° and spot beam punching all the way down to whopping 1 lux @ 600m

Pure White 5700K Colour temperature offers stunning clarity and definition and optimal Colour Rendering Index (CRI). 

New circuit design allows 97% of input power to go directly to LEDs.




Designed specifically to fit Volkswagen Amarok models. Available in both 20" and 30" kits and bolts to existing provisions in the lower grill. The perfect subtle mounting solution for any Amarok owner.

To suit 2011 - 2020 Volkswagen Amarok (All Models)

Some models in the 2019 year range may not have the factory pre-drilled holes in the impact beam, you may need to drill these yourself.

Brackets not sold separately.



Perception Lighting Plug & Play Wiring Harnesses are the all-inclusive package that provides everything required to install driving lights or a light bar to suit your Volkswagen Amarok.

Eliminate the need to:

  • Drill holes for switches
  • Cut, probe or solder wires
  • Potentially damage to sensitive computer modules & CANBUS systems that can cost thousands to repair.  


  • Wiring
  • Fuse
  • OEM Switch
  • 60A Relay
  • 2 x Deutsch plugs
  • High beam piggyback adapter


Our plug and play wiring harnesses have been specifically designed to comply with all relevant ADRs (Australian Design Rules) and take the guesswork out of installation. The harness is triggered from the high beam provided the switch is also turned on. Unlike cheap and nasty harnesses that can be found online, our built-in microprocessor ensures there is no interference with the vehicle's complex computer systems saving you thousands in repair bills. 



The included high beam adapter intercepts the factory wiring from the back of the headlight. Simply unplug the headlight, connect the piggyback connecter in its place, then reconnect the car wiring to the piggyback adapter. Once completed the piggyback adapter can be connected to the main wiring harness.



Unlike others on the market our switches directly connect to our wiring harnesses, there is no need to decode wiring and solder the switch on.





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