A highly efficient fully automatic 12/24V PWM solar charge controller that adopts the most advanced digital technology which increases battery lifetime and improves solar system performance. With a robust industrial housing and IP67 protection this charge controller is suited to most applications especially extreme outdoor environments where corrosion, dust and water ingress are prevalent. Capable of automatically detecting day/night it comes with an in-built timer which can be set to operate loads at specific intervals or manually in the night.







  • Build-in industrial micro controller

  • Big LCD display, all adjustable parameter

  • Electronic protections

  • Build-in short-circuit protection

  • Open-circuit protection

  • Reverse protection

  • Over-load protection

  • Dual mosfet reverse current protection

  • Low heat protection





Parameters/Model     RBL-10A RBL-20A RBL-30A RBL-40A RBL-50A RBL-60A
Battery Voltage   12/24V Auto
Charging Current     10A 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A
Dicharging Current     10A 10A 10A 20A 30A 30A
Max Solar Panel   50V (for 24V battery) 25 V (for 12V battery)
Equalisation   14.4 (Sealed) 14.2V (Gel) 14.6 (Flood)
Float Charge   13.7V(default, adjustable)
Discharge stop   10.7V (default, adjustable)
Discharge reconnect   12.6V (default, adjustable)
Charge reconnect   13V
Voltage of open light   Solar Panel 8V (Light lights delay)
Voltage of close light   Solar Panel 8V (Light off delay)
USB Output   5V/3A
Self-consume   <10mA
Operating tempature   -35°C~+60 °C
Size   133.5 x 70 x 35mm 188 x 90 x  47mm
Part number   SOLREG-PWM10







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